Jayesh Gorasia
I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Olin College. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I attended high school in Singapore and am now completing my BSc. in Mechanical Engineering at Olin College in Needham, MA.

My interests mostly lie in electromechanical and robotic systems, but I am passionate about ideas related to sustainability. Get in contact with me if any of my work interests you.
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  1. Improved efficiency and dynamic response for Nitinol actuators.
  2. Design of a manta ray robot.

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Design of a high low reverse sequential shifting gearbox. +

    A gearbox was designed for the Olin College Mini Baja Team. This is a the report written to document the design.

  2. Analysis of Roomba dynamics +

    Roomba was analyzed. This is a the report written to document the design. Worked with: Matthew Ritter and Leslie Velez.

  3. Analysis of a combined air-gas power plant.

Computer Engineering / Software

  1. Wrote a short book on Computational Modelling. +

    In a course for computational modelling, a book was written to compile all the exercies that I worked on. These ranged from agent-based models, to studies of graphs. This is a link to the book. A lot of credit has to go to the textbook used for this course by Allen Downey.

  2. Developed a web application to assist remembering technical facts and equations.

Electromechanical Engineering / Control Systems

  1. Design of a ball plate control system. +

    A ball and plate control system was developed to keep a ball on a plate which could pitch in two orthogonal axes. A webcam was used to track the position of the ball, while two hobby servo motors were used to move the plate. The system was robust enough to withstand pertubations caused by pushing the ball, and was capable of moving the ball to different positions on the plate. This is a link to the report written. Here and here are posters made describing the project. Worked with: Daniel Greeley.

  2. Trajectory reconstruction of Bicycle Dynamics. +

    Here is a poster describing our work. Worked with: Daniel Greeley.

Electrical Engineering

  1. Studied how a fiber optic gyroscope works. +

    Studied how a fiber optic gyroscope works, from operating principle to interface circuitry. A paper and presentation were made describing the work.

  2. Development of a PIC Microchip based webserver. +

    Using an ENC28J60 IC from Microchip, I followed through an AppNote and created a webserver. The device created was capable of reading data from an analog pin and sending digital data through HTTP requests. This is a link to the report written.

  3. Design of a turbine flowmeter. +

    A Camelbak flowmeter was adapted to become a more accurate flowmeter for general purpose use. It can measure flowrates from 8 to 22 ml/s accurately. A poster was created to summarize the design.


  1. Protein Synthesis as a Model for Sustainable Manufacturing
  2. Sustainable replacement for paper shredders


  1. Feasibility study for UnPYH, a smartmeter based business to help reduce residential energy bills.
  2. Feasibility study for desktop CNC milling machines for educational use. +

    This is a link to the study made.

  3. Feasibility study for an amusement park GPS system. +

    This is a link to the study made.


  1. Concept design of Embrace, a bracelet which harnesses the power of a close relationship to ease an immigrant’s transition to life in the U.S. +

    Over the course of a semester, we worked to understand immigrants through interviews and observations, generate ideas for products and services to address their desires and needs, further develop a few ideas through co-design with our users, and ultimately expand upon the concept of Embrace with attention to the product’s function, interaction, and character. Our final proposal consisted of a product model and poster. Worked with: Julie Baca, Theresa Edmonds and Nicholas Hobbs.

  1. USB Bit Whacker 32 projects
  2. Trajectory reconstruction of Bicycle Dynamics

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